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For Your Bridesmaid Brigade

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At Fabilicious, we understand that your bridesmaids are an essential part of your wedding day. That's why we offer custom bridesmaid sets designed to complement your bridal outfit and overall wedding theme, ensuring your special girl gang looks stunning and coordinated.

Tailored Design Process

  1. Discussion on Colors: Choose from a wide array of colors to match your wedding palette perfectly. We will help you select the ideal shades to complement your bridal outfit and overall theme.
  2. Fabrics Selection: We offer lightweight fabric options including silk blend, georgette and soft net.  Each fabric is chosen for its quality and comfort, ensuring your bridesmaids feel as beautiful as they look.
  3. Silhouettes and Styles: From elegant sarees and lehengas to chic gowns, our range of silhouettes ensures that every bridesmaid finds a style that flatters her figure. We also offer customization to match the unique preferences of each bridesmaid.
  4. Matching with the Bridal Outfit: Our team works closely with you to design bridesmaid sets that harmonize with your bridal outfit. From matching embroidery patterns to complementary colors, every detail is thoughtfully planned to ensure a cohesive look.


    We only accept orders that start from a budget from USD 150/ GBP 140 and we need a minimum of 5 pieces

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