Modern Iteration of Sari - Skirt/Pre Draped Sari

The saree is a timeless classic and a traditionally worn Indian garment for women. However, it is possible to transform it into stylish and fashionable pieces. In the present day, this traditional wear is frequently seen at wedding ceremonies, receptions, and cocktail parties. Since the Vedic period, the saree has been a part of Indian culture and has withstood the test of time and changing trends. It is no surprise that the saree is so highly sought-after; it is comfortable, elegant, and fashionable.

 Gazing at the alluring and modern Pre Draped Sarees, with its gradual and striking transitions.

 Now, we will put a pause on your anticipation and tell you the benefits of modern pre-made sarees that resemble well a classic Saree.

  • No need to worry about pleating or adjusting the pallu - simply pull the saree up like a skirt and drape the pallu over your shoulder.
  • Those with limited time, and those who haven't mastered the art of draping, can benefit from easy pre-draped saree clothing.What used to take minutes or even hours can now be done in just a few seconds or a minute.
  • These pre-draped versions are tailor-made and look neat, fitted, stylish and sophisticated.
  • Unlike traditional Indian wear, fashionable gown sarees, dhoti drapes, sharara styles or lehenga sarees are easy to wear while moving or dancing.
  • Contemporary sarees come in a range of fabrics, styles, colors and prints - from classic to chic.


Breaking The Status Quo - Belt Saree

Sarees have been the standard for many years, but now they are so much more than that. Not only are the drapes modern, comfortable, and enjoyable, but they can also be used to express your personality. This rust print pre drape saree set with a sprinkling of prints teamed with a modern blouse and an embellished belt, is an ideal example of this. To make it even more special, its belt is adorned with floral hand embroidery, making it perfect for cocktail and wedding parties.

Shop Pre-Stitched Rust Saree Set with an Embroidered Belt

Rust Saree Set

 A Completely Different Style - Ruffle Saree

This Vvani saree is the perfect combination of elegance, comfort, and modernity. You are sure to look stunning and full of confidence when wearing the pre-stitched saree with its wonderful ruffles adorning the blouse. The vibrant colors, intricate details, and modern design make this saree the perfect choice for your sangeet or reception. With evolving fashion, so too are the ways in which we drape our sarees.

 The beautiful Medley Magic saree made of Georgette fabric with a mirrorwork Blouse is what we are loving in our predraped ruffle saree style. Shop it here

 Creating Drama - Dhoti Saree

The black and gold dhoti saree from Quench A Thirst features all the components of a traditional ensemble: dhoti saree drape and the blouse. Despite having all the classic elements, the saree looks fresh and contemporary. To accentuate the look, the belt adds a fashionable and edgy look.

 Shop this pre draped Dhoti Saree by Quench A Thirst in Black and Gold here.

Developing Boldness- Sharara Saree

Forget the outdated style and opt for the in-vogue sharara draping. Whether you are a bridesmaid or a bride-to-be, you can easily look perfect for any wedding ceremony with this sharara saree. An ideal blend of traditional and contemporary, this fusion piece features an special event.

 The Orange Embellished Printed Georgette Sharara Saree Set is featured with an attached pallu and a sequinned blouse

 For Those Who Lead the Way- Saree Gown

 This luxurious crepe saree gown from KALKI Fashion is perfect for making a fashionable statement. It combines the grandeur of traditional Indian wear and the flattering modern gown look with a v-neckline. Accented by a slit and sheer detail around the waist, this silhouette is truly contemporary.

Shop the Ivory Sari Gown here

 Beautiful, Brilliant & Commendable -Pant Saree

 This mint green ready-to-wear pant saree, crafted from a premium chanderi silk fabric, will give you a complete makeover. With its comfortable, quirky, fun and dramatic features, this peach and mint saree guarantees you will look and feel your best. An embroidered belt adds an extra dimension and a unique vibe to the saree's design.


A Mint Drape Saree with an embroidered Peach Blouse is your next chic style. Shop it here.


For weddings and parties, there's nothing quite like wearing an ethnic outfit. Fabilicious Fashion has a selection of Indian sarees and other traditional wear options with an Indo-Western look to satisfy your desire for modernity and glamour. These eye-catching garments are sure to make you take a gasp of admiration.