Cape Sets: Modern Festive Wear Silhouette

The printed cape set with dhoti or pants has emerged as a notable fashion trend, combining contemporary style with a touch of whimsy and elegance. This ensemble typically consists of a flowing cape, often adorned with vivid prints, paired with a coordinating dhoti or pants and a top. Its rise in popularity can be attributed to several factors:

Ease and Comfort

The ease of wearing capes, serving as a stylish alternative to traditional jackets, adds to their appeal. They enhance simple outfits and offer comfort. For instance, the Rani Pink Mirror Work Asymmetrical Cape by Silky Bindra, combined with high-waist palazzo pants and a crop top, exemplifies easy elegance while not compromising on comfort.


Indo Fusion Aesthetic

Pants integrated with the cape's fluid silhouette cater to those seeking a fusion of trendiness and sophistication. A prime example is the Beige Pearl Cape set by Vani Vats, featuring an asymmetric design and flared sleeves adorned with pearls and sequins. This Indo fusion style is appropriate for both Indian and international events.


The cape set stands out as a versatile ethnic wear choice, suitable for various occasions from casual outings to more formal festive evenings. The versatility of the lehenga cape set, like the Ivory Cape Lehenga by Suhino, allows for both a modern and classic appearance.

Statement Fashion

Printed capes, ranging from abstract to floral designs, make a bold statement. A notable piece is the Indica printed dhoti cape set by Juhi Bengani, a perfect blend of Indo western fashion.

Flattering for All

The cape's flowing nature suits various body types, balancing proportions elegantly. The Black Embroidered Cape Set by Chamee Palak featuring black crepe pants and an embroidered bralette, topped with an organza cape, is a perfect example of ethnic wear that flatters all.

Celebrity Influence

The trend's popularity is further boosted by fashion influencers and celebrities, like Masoom Minawala's choice of a Lime Green Cape Set by Pink City by Sarika for Diwali celebrations.

Global Appeal

The printed cape set, while rooted in Indian tradition, has gained international appeal, transcending cultural boundaries. A standout piece is the Lavender and White Printed Dhoti Set, ideal for Indians in the USA seeking an Indo western look.

Mix and Match Potential

The versatility of these sets allows for creative styling. Pairing a cape with western pants creates a festive look. The Violet Sequinned Cape and Lehenga Set by Kalki Fashion with its extended jacket and long cape sleeves, adds glamour and is a testament to the mix-and-match potential of these garments.

In summary, the printed cape set with dhoti or pants embodies a trendsetting blend of traditional Indian and contemporary western styles, offering versatility, comfort, and a global appeal that resonates with Indians in the USA and beyond.