Top Cocktail Styles for Men: Elevate Your Look with Fabilicious Fashion

Are you a second-generation Indian man living in the UK, USA, Australia, or Canada, looking for a fuss-free shopping experience for stylish and sophisticated cocktail attire? Fabilicious Fashion has got you covered. Here, we present top cocktail styles for men that combine elegance, comfort, and a touch of Indian heritage. Let’s dive into the must-have outfits for your next event, featuring our top recommendations.

1. The Classic Black and Silver Embellished Tuxedo

When it comes to cocktail events, nothing beats the timeless elegance of a tuxedo. The Black and Silver Embellished Tuxedo Set by Contrast by Parth is a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary styles, making it an excellent choice for any upscale gathering. This tuxedo set features intricate silver embellishments that add a touch of glamour to the classic black tuxedo. 

2. Green Embellished Jodhpuri Set

For those who prefer a royal and sophisticated look, the Green Embellished Jodhpuri Set by Kalpraag is an excellent choice. This set features a rich green hue with intricate embellishments, offering a classic Indian royal look with modern tailoring. Perfect for making a statement at any cocktail event.

3. Lilac Chinese Collar Kurta Set

Add a pop of color to your cocktail wardrobe with the Lilac Chinese Collar Kurta Set by Shreyansh. This kurta set features a modern twist on the traditional kurta with a Chinese collar and detailed embroidery, making it sleek and stylish for cocktail parties.

4. Off-White Embroidered Kurta Set with Jacket

For a blend of traditional elegance and contemporary style, the Off-White Embroidered Kurta Set with Jacket by Kalpraag is a perfect choice. This set includes an intricately embroidered kurta paired with a stylish jacket, ideal for a sophisticated look at any cocktail event.

5. Beige Gold Chinese Collar Kurta Set

Combining elegance and tradition, the Beige Gold Chinese Collar Kurta Set by Shreyansh features a Chinese collar and intricate embroidery. Versatile and stylish, it is suitable for both formal and semi-formal events.

6. Ivory Embroidered Kurta Set

The Ivory Embroidered Kurta Set by Mahima Mahajan Men exudes elegance and sophistication with its delicate embroidery. Lightweight and comfortable, this set is perfect for long events, ensuring you look stylish and feel comfortable.


Fabilicious Fashion offers a range of stylish and sophisticated cocktail attire for second-generation Indian men looking for a seamless online shopping experience. Whether you prefer the classic tuxedo, stylish kurta sets, or unique Indo-Western fusion styles, we have the perfect outfit to make you stand out at your next cocktail event. Explore our latest collections and elevate your wardrobe with high-quality, stylish pieces that blend traditional elegance with contemporary flair.

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